About This Blog

This blog is a sister blog to The Bible for Atheists.

As I mentioned in the other blog, that blog is for information only, and I will allow no debate on that blog so as to keep the information provided uncluttered with rants from angry people on either side of the Atheistic divide.

However, there will be no such restriction here.

But, just to be clear, I am God here and like any god I have rules that must be followed.  Unlike other gods I will not change these rules, and will hold myself accountable to them.

So, out of the fiery bush comes the following commandments:

  1. I will always give an accurate accounting of my sources.  If I quote something I will tell you where I got that quote and how you can find it yourself.  You will be expected to do the same where relevant.
  2. I will always give a link to any and all passages, chapters, books, and Bible versions that I use on this blog, so you can see them in their original form and context.
  3. If, for any reason, I edit a post after it has been initially posted, I will make it clear that I have done so and clearly show what was edited and why.
  4. I will read and filter all comments on this blog.  This will be done as a way to ensure that all comments, whether pro or con, conform to these rules.
  5. I will not reply to anonymous comments: if your comment is not important enough to put a name on then it is not important enough for me to waste my time on.  Exception: if you can show that putting your name on something you want to say would cause you problems then we can discuss it and I will make a decision about it, but you must include such information with your comment, and I will, if I publish it, remove your identity from it and state that I have done so.
  6. I will not address hateful comments-period.  If I address your comments I will be respectful, and expect the same.  However, I reserve the right to use such comments and the identity of their authors as examples when I discuss comments.
  7. Comments with foul, racist, or derogatory terms or words will not be addressed.  They may, however, like above used as examples of ignorance and hate-you have been warned–twice.
  8. I promise to approve any comment pro or con that conforms to these rules.
  9. If you want to link to anything I have to say then you may, I just ask that it only be linked to somewhere that I have the ability to defend my position or statement.  To do otherwise will be considered an act of cowardice, and I will make it a point to expose that.
  10. Thou shalt not bear false witness:  If I catch you in a lie, I will expose that.  You have been warned, again.

So, if you feel that you can abide by these simple and common sense rules then I welcome your comments.

As this blog is an offshoot of the other one it may not receive as much prompt attention, but worry not, I will always get around to it.

Thank You and Enjoy,


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